I finished Watchmen a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to write a review or anything, but I seriously wanted to thank lorax and/or maleficently for recommending I read it. I know I had a long squeee fest to lorax about it, but it's quite possible both of them recommended it. My mommies are sometimes mind twinkies.

I really liked it. There were a couple of slow bits. The awesome didn't hit me until the fourth issue, and it's a bit like a movie where you have to watch until the end and then you end up going... "Ho, shit." Having been written in the eighties though, it is a bit of a product of it's time. It's awesome, but I feel that the illustrations are very eighties.

I seriously recommend it to everyone else. It made me so psyched for the movie.

I've uploaded the series to megaupload. It's only 12 issues. Each issue is like ~36 pages. It's actual story is usually around 26 pages, but the other ten are usually fun supplemental info. Like there's a biography a character wrote and those chapters are there. Also there's personal correspondence.

The files are zipped up for you convenience. These two files took about 15 minutes to upload to megaupload and that was on the school's wireless. I have no idea how long they'd take to download. Shouldn't take too long though.

Alan Moore's Watchmen issues 1-6
Alan Moore's Watchmen issues 7-12

They are cbr files. So you have to have a program that plays them. You can get that here. You might be nervous that it's a geocities site, but I've downloaded it numerous times, and I've had no issues at all. It won't take long at all. A couple of notes though. You use the page up and page down buttons to go through the pages. (I'm a dumbass who took AGES trying to figure that out.) Also the first time you run it, it will be maximized to the nth degree. It'll look like a full screen program, but since you may not have loaded anything it'll be blank and look kid of WTF. Just right click and hit windows mode and it'll take care of it. (Another dumbass thing that took my ages.... I was such a dumbass that day.)

I hope you enjoy.

Wow. A substantial entry not about the election. I blame the fact that I early voted and now want NOTHING to do with it until the fourth.